Event at Havana House West

11/7/13 8:30 PM

We are currently planning a big event at Havana House West.  Details are to come.  Stay tuned! -Mike

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Love the All-Talk, No-Action

10/11/13 9:38 PM

Have to love the fact that there are certain nationwide organizations (whose names will be omitted) that claim they want to do everything they can to help states fight anti-cigar regulations, but then do nothing when presented with the opportunity.  Just… Love it :). – Mike

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Vice Picks

09/23/13 5:27 PM

Pretty soon I will be doing a Vice Picks with Havana House cigar stores.  These are short videos where I talk with the guys over at Havana House about Tosa and we run a special for an entire month.  Be sure to be on the lookout for the video!

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New Diet

08/19/13 3:37 PM

So apparently, my cholesterol is really high and I have to start eating healthy.  Cigars are not cut out, but my doctor told me that I have to really cut back on the bad food.  Any suggestions on healthier eating is greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I am only 24 and I have high cholesterol. […]

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Update Regarding Ohio Premium Cigar Association

08/9/13 7:04 PM

As promised, I am here to give an update on our progress launching the Ohio Premium Cigar Association.  We are meeting with a potential lobbyist next week and the paperwork to create our organization is being filled out and filed.  Furthermore, we have had retailers sign on to give money and help fight for cigar […]

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Drinks and Cigars

08/3/13 4:32 PM

What is your favorite drink with a cigar?  I constantly post this question because I think it is an extremely interesting one to hear answers to.  I love coffee, water, and wine.  Sometimes, I will do a little champagne.  Let me know what you like!

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The Ohio Premium Cigars Association

07/30/13 12:32 AM

Recently, I was approached about helping form an Ohio-based organization dedicated to fighting for cigar rights in the state.  I am pleased to report that we are well on our way toward having a real presence in Columbus for the next time the legislature tries to raise taxes on cigars. We can use all the […]

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Ohio OTP Tax

06/29/13 9:00 PM

Ohio this week authorized an increase in the sin tax on cigarillos, marking an incredible moment for the cigar industry. In a heavily Republican-controlled statehouse, the Republicans, who  are supposed to be friends of cigars, decided to increase taxes on smaller cigars. True, manufacturers, like me, are not affected by this all that much. But […]

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