The Ohio Premium Cigars Association

July 30th, 2013

Recently, I was approached about helping form an Ohio-based organization dedicated to fighting for cigar rights in the state.  I am pleased to report that we are well on our way toward having a real presence in Columbus for the next time the legislature tries to raise taxes on cigars.

We can use all the help that we can get!  We will be represented down at the statehouse by individuals who can help us fight for cigar rights, but we need to make sure we are well-funded.  Retailers can only do so much in terms of fundraising- we need consumers to get in the game as well.

Be sure to reach out to me if you have any interest in joining the fight in Ohio.  One thing is for sure when it comes to government and politics- if Ohio does something, the rest of the country is sure to follow.  Everyone has a stake here, not just retailers and not just Ohioans.

Mike Gabrail

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